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I’m repeatedly flabbergasted at how many people will see an opinion article on Polygon that says things like “Hey maybe we shouldn’t rely on poorly-portrayed mental illness so much” or “y’know it’s okay to not like how violent games are” and respond to them with “FUCK YOU OHHHH TYPICAL POLYGON HERE COMES THE PC POLICE WHATS WRONG WITH JUST PLAYING GAMES” like


Nobody is gonna come and take your games away because we think more critically about what we make and what we consume.

Just because you think of them as “just games” doesn’t mean that we can’t look at them and examine how we can improve them and do more interesting and amazing things with them.

You don’t care about this stuff, fine. But don’t come in and shit on this like everyone agrees with you. You’re not some vanguard for video game purity. You’re not making some amazing, argument-breaking point when you act like everyone should just “calm down” and “play some games”. You’re just an asshole.

On the one hand, it’s awesome that I can get GBA games on the Wii U and play them on the gamepad

On the other hand, handheld games on a device this big is basically the entire reason the Game Gear was a horrible disaster.

I swear to god I heard this song in Monkey Island once

isn’t it great? SPLOOOOOOOSH




I spent like 100 rupees on that goddamn battleship game


I hope the Wii U Zelda game has a new villain named Gannon.

Great, my favorite part of any Zelda game: “I know this is the first dungeon but I’m lost what do I do fuck”

"I probably shouldn’t let a 13 year old or whatever have a deadly blade, but you’re in a rush and it seems important so you can have it I guess"